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Free Georgia DDS Written Test Simulator 2023 | GA

To get your license in the state of Georgia, you’ll need to pass a two-part written knowledge test. The test is divided into two separate topic sections of 20 multiple-choice questions: road rules and road signs. You’ll have to pass each section by answering 15 of the 20 questions correctly, or you’ll be required to retake only that specific half of the exam. The road rules portion of your test is offered in 11 languages other than English, including Arabic and Vietnamese, but the road sign section of the test is only offered in English. The test will be offered at your local DDS Customer Service Center where you will be required to pay a $10 permit fee, take a vision test, and provide proof of identity, and school attendance if under 18. If you have to retake one or both portions of your test, you may come back next day if it is your second attempt, after a week if it was your second, or after 30 days if it was your third attempt to pass. Each time will cost an additional $10. This DDS practice test, based on the 2023 Georgia Drivers Manual just like the real exam, will help you study for both portions of your test so you can pass on your first attempt.

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  1. A __________ offers you the best possible protection in a car crash and is therefore your best defense against a drunk driver.
  2. To pass another vehicle, you must pass at a safe distance and NOT _________ until the way is clear.
  3. The shape of this sign provides advance warning of the
  4. The correct hand signal to indicate a left turn is
  5. When you exit a high-speed, two-lane roadway, _________ if you have traffic following you.
  6. It is safest to drive _______ of your lane.
  7. If it feels like your tires have lost traction with the surface of the road, you should
  8. The danger areas around trucks and buses where crashes are more likely to occur are called
  9. In Georgia, to pass a bicycle traveling in your direction, you must change lanes if possible or else leave at least ________ of space between your vehicle and the bicycle.
  10. If you suddenly have no control of the steering wheel, you should
  11. When making a U-turn, you must NOT
  12. When driving in icy conditions, it is recommended to _____ for better traction.
  13. In Georgia, if an emergency vehicle using a siren or red or blue flashing lights approaches you while you are driving in a roundabout, you must
  14. Which of the following statements about safety belts is FALSE?
  15. On a two-lane road, you may pass another vehicle
  16. If a tire blows out, you should NOT
  17. On a multilane roadway with several lanes in your direction, you should use _________ for passing.
  18. When passing a large vehicle such as a truck, do not merge back in front of the vehicle until you can see its
  19. If you plan to turn beyond an intersection, you should
  20. A single broken yellow line usually marks the centerline of a two-way roadway where
  21. This sign warns drivers that
  22. When you drive in city traffic, you should try to look at least
  23. At night, use high-beam headlights
  24. A steady green arrow pointing left means
  25. On a multilane road, _________ on the side of your lane means that you may pass if it is safe to do so.
  26. When driving in fog, rain, or snow, use your
  27. What does this sign indicate?
  28. When you find both a solid and a broken yellow line between opposing lanes of traffic, you must NOT pass
  29. What does this signal indicate?
  30. If your brakes fail while you're driving, you should NOT
  31. The area of the expressway beyond the solid white line is meant for
  32. You are in an intersection, turning left on a green arrow signal. Then the arrow signal turns yellow. What should you do?
  33. If there is __________ next to your lane, you may cross it to pass or change lanes.
  34. On a highway, you should use the left lane for
  35. If there is a solid white line next to your lane, you should
  36. A broken white line on the road
  37. _________ are mobile devices that are used to give drivers advance warning of work zones or other unusual conditions.
  38. When there is no traffic on either side of the road, you can turn your vehicle around by making
  39. What does this sign indicate?
  40. Which of the following types of signs inform you of possible hazards ahead?