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Free Georgia DDS Permit Practice Test 2023 | GA

This Georgia DDS practice test has just been updated for October 2023 and covers 40 of the most essential road signs and rules questions directly from the official 2023 GA Driver Handbook. To receive your Georgia learner’s permit or driver’s license you will need to pass the 40-question knowledge exam (also known as permit test), divided into two sections with 20 questions each. You must answer 75% of the questions correctly in each section – the first about road rules, and the second about road signs – to pass your knowledge exam. By studying the 2023 Georgia Drivers Manual, you can find the information you need to answer all possible test questions. While the road rules test is available in some languages other than English, the road signs test is only available in English. You must begin your permit test 30 minutes or more before the service center is scheduled to close, in order to provide an appropriate amount of time to complete the test and issue your permit or license if you pass. The cost for a learner’s permit is $10, and it is valid for two years. If you are under 18, you will need parental permission to be issued your permit. The cost for a regular driver’s license is $32, and it is valid for eight years. This Georgia DDS permit practice test has 40 multiple-choice questions and the same 75% passing ratio as the real knowledge exam.

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List of questions (classic view)

  1. According to the Georgia Drivers Manual, if traffic from another roadway is merging onto the roadway you are traveling on, you should
  2. If a school bus is stopped on a divided highway, cars traveling on the opposite side of the road are NOT required to
  3. Under Georgia's "Move Over" Law, drivers must _________ when an emergency vehicle with flashing lights is stopped on the side of the road.
  4. What does this sign indicate?
  5. Two vehicles arrive at an uncontrolled intersection (i.e., one without stop signs, yield signs, or traffic signals) at about the same time. Which of the following is true?
  6. When passing a motorcycle, you must
  7. In Georgia, the maximum speed limit __________ is 65 mph.
  8. This sign indicates
  9. Do not make a U-turn on a curve or near the top of a hill if you cannot be seen by
  10. When there are two or more lanes of traffic moving in the same direction, slower vehicles should use
  11. You must always stop __________ from the nearest rail of a railroad crossing if a train is approaching.
  12. At this intersection, the white line painted across each approach lane represents
  13. When you drive through a work zone, you should NOT
  14. In Georgia, the penalties for a first offense of driving under the influence of intoxicants include which of the following?
  15. In Georgia, you must use your headlights
  16. What does this road sign mean?
  17. Horizontal rectangular signs are generally used as
  18. Two solid yellow lines in the center of the road mean that passing is
  19. Under Georgia law, each occupant in the front seat of a passenger vehicle must
  20. What does this warning sign indicate?
  21. While driving, you should generally keep your hands on the steering wheel at
  22. In a typical passenger car, partial hydroplaning can begin at speeds as low as
  23. On a divided highway, you must ____________ unless directed to do otherwise by a sign, traffic control device, or police officer.
  24. What does this sign mean?
  25. To stay alert and avoid highway hypnosis on long expressway trips, you should
  26. _________ are the most likely places for car and motorcycle collisions to occur.
  27. If you're following a motorcycle, you should maintain a following distance of at least
  28. What does this sign mean?
  29. When sharing the road with a large commercial motor vehicle, you must watch out for
  30. When you stop for a pedestrian in a crosswalk on a multilane road, you should stop at least
  31. When making a left turn at an intersection or into an alley or driveway, you must yield the right-of-way to
  32. What does this sign mean?
  33. When the yellow lights are flashing, all drivers approaching ________ must obey the speed limit posted on the sign.
  34. A person 21 years of age or older is considered under the influence of alcohol if the person's blood alcohol concentration is _________ per 100 mL of blood.
  35. Where there are four or more lanes with traffic moving in opposite directions, what do two solid yellow lines mark?
  36. This sign is found on the rear of
  37. When a turning lane is provided for vehicles traveling in both directions, you should use
  38. Diagonal yellow stripes painted on some streets and highways indicate
  39. If a tire blows out, you should
  40. This driver is using a hand signal. The driver intends to